Trump Home - Metropolitan - Plush - Queen

Brand: SERTA
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Trump is a name synonymous with the upscale lifestyle, superior quality and success of Donald Trump and the Trump empire. Now, you can enjoy Trump luxury at home with the Trump Home Mattress Collection.

The Trump Home signature luxury mattress collection by Serta proves you can live richly without spending a fortune. Trump mattresses combine quality craftsmanship, detail and high-end fabrics across an array of style and comfort choices.

Enjoy the most advanced mattress comfort and support features available today with any one of the Trump Beds.

The traditional Plush model offers classic tailoring but has more "give" or softness at the sleep surface when compared to the traditional Firm model. The difference in feel comes from additional plush comfort layers at the top of the mattress. It does not have the additional upholstery layer found in our Pillow, Euro and Ultra Cushion Top, so you will sleep closer to the support system of the bed. The Plush model is recommended for those who prefer a softer feel than the traditional Firm without the additional upholstery layer.

  • Trump Home Collection - Free Flex Innerspring Unit: Each coil within the mattress independently conforms to the body and respond to pressure for superior support and proper spinal alignment throughout the night.
  • StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation: The unique construction of this foundation isolates the impact of your sleep partner's movements, so you can sleep undisturbed.
  • Body Loft Fiber: Trump Home Collection Mattresses by Serta feature Body Loft Fiber, a layer of mattress cushioning fiber that is extremely breathable, providing a pillow-like feel around the body. Body Loft Fiber features Ultra Fresh antimicrobial protection to help keep your mattress cleaner and healthier.
  • Trump Mattresses Feature Individually Wrapped Coils with Foam Encasement: This Trump Home state-of-the-art innerspring mattress features 638 individually wrapped coils made of premium and extremely durable steel. Plus, the foam encasement design expands the sleeping surface and strengthens the mattress edges. This innerspring unit is adjustable-friendly and suitable for active bases.
  • Bamboo and Silk Mattress Cover: This ultra-smooth fabric is made from renewable bamboo and silk fibers. The natural components of the mattress cover allow it to "breathe", so air easily flows through to keep the mattress surface cooler and more comfortable. Trump Home Collection Mattresses' bamboo and silk covers are extraordinarily soft and luxurious to the touch - and environmentally friendly.